Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Special Dresses

Valentine's Day 2012 comming soon, if you are still alone, no boy or girl friend you can celebrate your valentine  day with your family.


Welcome to my dresses blog......I love dresses, no people love dresses except they were crazy people walking arround the street nudely. I am woman and 30 years old. This is my first blog, and why I give the tittle ' I Love my Dresses ' because dresses is more important for me. They can make me feel comfort and smart in any condition and situation. Yes I am. Before I write something more I want to sorry about my grammar in English because I had been living in Indonesia while I was child until now. And I have English slightly so I hope you understandably to me.  Okay..I have told you more about my self. Now I start to share my blog for you now.
First time I start to love about dresses when I was  16 years old. I liked collected some picture from many many magazine fashion arround my college. I like to share and talking all about dresses, especialy all about women dresses. Let's get start to share and discuss all thing about women dresses.So I say " Welcome to my dresses blog".