Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lady Gaga And Her Empire Line Dress

Lady gaga and her empire line dress - Lady Gaga ever bought a dress from the late Alexander McQueen for U.S. $ 132,000 from an auction agency. The singer is also close to the fashion designer, became one of the dozens of institutional bidders and couture collectors around the world. The dress that Gaga bought was a white empire line dress with tulle material and sequin detail on the chest, which was named ”The Girl Who Lived In The Tree”.
lady gaga and her empire line dress
Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen's relationship is quite close, even at the beginning of her successful Gaga often uses the eccentric fashion designer. One work is phenomenal McQueen Armadillo Shoes, shoes with more than 20 centimeters high was never used in the music video Gaga Bad Romance and while attending the MTV Video Music Awards 2011.
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tips on Choosing The Matching Clothes Color

Tips on choosing the matching clothes color - You'll often see some people wearing clothes with colors that messy and inconsistent , for example when someone was wearing the tops with a dark blue color and coupled with bright green skirt or pants. Though it would make for a funny look and certainly make the people who wear it can be attention for others because she looks so weird.
Tips on choosing the matching clothes color

Here you should not make the same mistake when wearing clothes and blends that you will use.
Although most people underestimate of color suitability when choosing clothes. They are generally assumed to combine all colors interested as looks nice and comfortable during use. It is certain the problem is not all be wrong, but you should also take into the opinions and judgments of others when you are going to combine the color of the dress you will wear.
Friday, September 20, 2013

Choosing Gingham For Best Appearance

How to choosing gingham for best appearance - Gingham is one fashion trend that never goes away. Wherever you look for shopping is definitely no such gingham. Important to remember to wear gingham correctly because if not you will look overdone.

gingham drsses for best appearance
Here are tips from “I Love Dresses” to wear gingham.

Do not use more than one type of gingham
Maybe it is tempting to wear more than one type of gingham, especially if you find a gingham dress and gingham skirt similarly, but it is important to avoid. Gingham is very good, but sometimes if excessive would look worse.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Playing With Stripes

Playing with stripes - Stripes are very suited to support the appearance of a woman's clothing. Thin and obese women can wear all the clothes and accessories with stripes motifs because it can disguise the shortcomings of your body to look beautiful and perfect.

Here are the fashion and accessories with stripe motif you must read

Stripes Shoes
stripes shoes
Funny I guess, wear flat shoes with stripes motif? Equivalent was easy, just use denim subordinates, and superiors use the t-shirt, shirt or blouse. But do not use baby doll tops yes, because it makes you look wider.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rihanna And Her Transparent Dress

Rihanna and her transparent dress - Rihanna doesn't like to wear bra in her fashion, she was lately appeared wearing a transparent dress. Usually she does not wear any longer behind the fashion. Now, Rihanna also explained why she likes to wear clothes like that.

The singer of 'We Found Love' was declined to be looking for attention with fashion. She was also not wearing these clothes to be controversial. "I just live my life," he said.

"I dress up spontaneously, always depending on my mood and the event and add a little touch of naughty that I like adding in fashion," added the 25-year-old woman.
Rihanna And Her Transparent Dress
Rihanna also explained that his favorite costume is the transparent model, bright and sometimes very bold. Ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown was told she was not there a problem with a transparent fashion, although it will attract people's attention.
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tips How To Choose A Belt For Woman

Tips how to choose a belt for woman - Women can make the belt fashionable and looks pretty, can be regarded as a close friend of the woman in style. Check out tips on choosing and wearing the belt.

Belts for women come in varied colors, sizes, shapes and styles are more dynamic. To support the appearance, do not forget the accessories on this one. Give an aesthetic touch to your fashion style.
suitable belt for woman

Check out tips on choosing and wearing belts as below:

  • Choosing for shiny metal Buckle that suitable for glamorous appearance and obi -style belt width for a classic retro style.