Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tips How To Choose A Belt For Woman

Tips how to choose a belt for woman - Women can make the belt fashionable and looks pretty, can be regarded as a close friend of the woman in style. Check out tips on choosing and wearing the belt.

Belts for women come in varied colors, sizes, shapes and styles are more dynamic. To support the appearance, do not forget the accessories on this one. Give an aesthetic touch to your fashion style.
suitable belt for woman

Check out tips on choosing and wearing belts as below:

  • Choosing for shiny metal Buckle that suitable for glamorous appearance and obi -style belt width for a classic retro style.
  • If you want to maximize your curve waist, the choice fell on the belt width. With a variety of materials from leather, satin or elastic rubber, you can look sexy and stylish. This model generally does not have the intricate detail on the buckle, because the width of the belt has become a major concern. Combine a wide belt with a pencil skirt or tunic.
  • If you want to wrap in the line of the torso under the bust line, your choice is recommended that a small belt, simple and attractive. Small, meaning that the belt width is not more than 1 cm, simple means do not have a lot of interesting detail and can be seen from the color choice

In addition to tips on selecting and unified frontier belt, you have to know some belt usage function in women.

  1. Look slimmer, will unify the belts and make you look more presentable. In an instant, you will look slimmer. But to make it look more slender waist and height, you can use a wide belt like obi.
  2. Creating a new look. When using a circular and small belt on the trousers, then the function can be anything, starting from the hiding for the oversized sweater or blouse.
  3. Creating the feminine impression. Using a belt at the waist or above the trousers will create the feminine impression and make you curvy body like a Spanish guitar. Belt with studs that are used in jeans or overalls will look casual and sporty.
  4. Choose a matching belt colors, motifs, details of the rocks or gems if you want to give a "statement " in appearance . You simply wear plain tops that simple because you already patterned belt.
  5. Be creative with the idea of making your necklace to tie waist. For example if you have a chain belt that is long enough and decorated with gemstone.
  6. For a sweeter style, wrap some ribbon as a belt color to give a creative touch in appearance. But make sure the ribbon color matches with your fashion.

Those are tips on how to choose a belt for woman.

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