Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tips on Choosing The Matching Clothes Color

Tips on choosing the matching clothes color - You'll often see some people wearing clothes with colors that messy and inconsistent , for example when someone was wearing the tops with a dark blue color and coupled with bright green skirt or pants. Though it would make for a funny look and certainly make the people who wear it can be attention for others because she looks so weird.
Tips on choosing the matching clothes color

Here you should not make the same mistake when wearing clothes and blends that you will use.
Although most people underestimate of color suitability when choosing clothes. They are generally assumed to combine all colors interested as looks nice and comfortable during use. It is certain the problem is not all be wrong, but you should also take into the opinions and judgments of others when you are going to combine the color of the dress you will wear.

It would be wise if you should know first about the basic science of colors that you may have previously been familiar through the lessons while still in school first.
So what are the basic knowledge about the color associated with the clothing, please read the following below :
  1. Do not wear clothes that have more than 3 dominant colors
    Highly recommended when you mix and match clothes that you will use, you should choose clothes that do not have a lot of dominant colors are too flashy.
  2. Specify the color that matches with your skin
    Identify the colors that match with your skin, for example if you have dark colors skin, wear bright colors sort of white, beige, gray or baby blue. Conversely, if you have lighter color skin, you can try to explore colors such as red, black and solid colors are more.
  3. Do not wear pants with bright colors
    For better , if you have to wear the colorful tops choose a skirt or pants with a neutral or dark color such as you choose black, blue, brown or jeans.
  4. Adjust the color of clothes with the time and place of your current
    Make sure the clothes with dark colors or salmon if you are going to attend an event or party at night. The opposite is also for casual events, you can wear light colors are fresh views.
  5. Use a colored belt with shoes
    Should make it a habit to use a belt that has the same color with the shoes when you wear it. Examples of your shoes are black, you should use a belt with black color, it would look more fitting.
How about you make it easy to choose the color of the clothes or the color of the dress?

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