Thursday, May 2, 2013

Transparent Dress Tips from Katy Perry

Wearing a transparent dress for myself in dressing is courage especially when we are going to perform in public because many people will pay attention to us.
transparent dresses from katy perry

If we have a perfect body we might be performed with high confidence, but what should we do if we do not have perfect body?
Just looking from Katy Perry transparent dresses here:

Maybe we can re-look of this one artist is Katy Perry who never wore clothes combined with transparent colors, so the public would not be too focused on the shape of our body is less than perfect.

Katy Perry re-attract attention with daring appearance. He returned wearing costumes butterfly style that makes the whole underwear looks.
transparent dresses from katy perry

Katy Perry showed off her sexy body while doing the show in the MuchMusic Awards 2012 event in Toronto, last year. His habit of wearing a colorful style is still maintained.

Except for the dress Katy Perry still using transparent materials so accidentally displayed her sexy aura.
transparent dresses from katy perry

Reported by Dailymail, the night was Russell Brand's ex-wife using butterfly costume with a transparent dress. For the inside, he accidentally coated using one piece lingerie.

To add a glamorous appearance, Katy Perry costumes combine with a little flashy makeup and stylized braids hairdos which made ​​ornate butterflies on her head as well as the bling-bling high heel.