Friday, April 19, 2013

How to Choose a Hat for your Dress

How to choose a hat for your dress - Men have worn hats for a long time and now women do. You just have to look for some vintage fashion pictures and view them. A top hat is undeniably one of the most stylish and popular buy hats through out history.
woman with white hat

In the olden times everyone could wear this hat, although each social class has its own style. The hat owned upscale loaded extraordinary and it was originally made of felt. The hat is made of ordinary workers rabbit fur. As centuries came and passed, changing the style of hat designer and manufacturing materials as well. One of the trendy accessories to buy now is a white hat. It is certainly good for you if you do not like the tall black hat.

Generally accessories feature many colors, designs and sizes. Some striking while others are simple and sophisticated. You should be able to select the correct part for yourself. When should a man or a woman wearing a hat on? This is a question you can ask if you've never wore a hat. You can dress themselves in the white hat when you are planning to attend a formal or informal event. One thing you should know is that there is a special cap for every type of event. Wearing a top hat informal to a formal event is embarrassing. You should get into the habit of observing the celebrities.
woman with black hat

You will definitely know when the best time and place to wear a white hat. This is the simplest of the hat to match with all clothes available. Materials used to make your accessories and colors that can guide you. Even before you can buy a hat you have to look good in your clothes casual and formal. Especially black or white hat on black is considered formal. However, any white or black hat on the market pretty unbearable and classy. If you really want to make a fashion statement, buy silver sparkling white hat. It's a lot on the Internet and they are very cheap. White satin hat is also very sexy and can be used to enhance your best costume.

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