Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Integrate Combining Fashion and Contact lens

How to Integrate Combining Fashion and Contact lens - Do you like disposable contact lens? Do you have many collections of contact lens over 3 pairs with different colors until sometimes confused which one should be used?
contact lens and fashion tips
Sometimes the use and wrong selection of the contact lens color can also interfere with your appearance is going well. For that, consider some of these quick tips

1. How to Integrate Clothing and Contact lens for best choice.
Contact lens with neutral color is the best choice of contact lens that you can integrate with any fashion style. If you are confused and do not have much time to decide just choose one of the brown, grey or black color. Contact lens with patterns and neutral colors can also be used for formal appearance since not too flashy.

2. How to Integrate Clothing and grey color contact lens.
When you use a soft lens with grey color, make sure you will be in a room with low light intensity. This is to avoid the appearance of eye cataracts.Many people doing mistake for using gray color contact lens with a cataract eye disease. Contact lens for an alternative to wear is gray color, choose a contact lens with a gray pattern that many black lines. Unless you really looking flashy and gentlemen, it’s no problem with your style.
contact lens and fashion tips

3. How to Integrate Clothing And lavish contact lens
For HARAJUKU fashion style, you can experiment with different colors like PINK, VIOLET, RED, BLUE or GREEN. Free-love and love you, but for a striking fashion way, you better avoid to wear neutral colors contact lens. You want to look flashy, right? Neutral colors tend to be muted lavish effect from unique fashion way.

4. How to Integrate Clothing and Contact lens for a sweet impression, there is only one of pink contact lens that can describe it perfectly. But, to give the impression that really sweet, you need to also brighter skin. If you are brown-skinned or darker, do not worry, you will be more suitable to wear contact lenses with green color than a pink. The green color is a soft impression to a dark skin. You are unique and sweet with a distinct style! If you are dark skinned, but still want to wear pink contact lens, it could be. Pair with a white dress to look more harmonious.

Hopefully help you to look more stylish

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