Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Keep Slim without Diet

How to keep slim without diet - After a tip from us how to look slimmer in clothes you read, we write down the following few tips how to keep slim without diet so that you will actually look slimmer without having to hide your body fat dressing.

There are several ways that you can do without the need to diet you want to know how to slim like what is that?

Obese people who want to be thin would normally go on a diet to get a lean body but sometimes despite strict diet still look big and fat loss is what makes people lazy to diet.

Well... for those of you who are lazy to diet there were some way skinny not to do with diet want to know how to see what it's like 5 Ways to Keep Slim Without Diet below.

1. green tea
Besides water, replace your beverages with green tea. Because green tea - especially a bargain - lowers the risk of heart disease, cholesterol, cancer, and also burn fat!

2. Up the stairs
Escalator or elevator is more comfortable ride. But it would be nice if you get used to using a ladder to increase heart rate and burn more calories.

3. white water
Do not be lazy to drink water every day. In addition to no-calorie, water helps cleanse the body of toxins through sweat.

4. calorie drinks
Compelling reason to replace any drinks with green tea is because they most of them contain a lot of calories. Call it juice, soda, coffee, and even milk!

5. small portions
Instead of eating three times a day in large numbers, try changing these habits by eating five or six times a day in small portions. This method is also effective in helping you lose weight.

Now that's some ways to slim without dieting. Do you want you to try? Go for dresses, make your body health

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