Friday, January 11, 2013

How to Slim Body Looks more

How to slim body looks more - Do you feel insecure because of short boy size? Want to use supplements or high Overdrive with very expensive? Actually there are other ways that you can use to look taller. This method is divided into three sections, namely by extending torso, legs, and body.
how to slim body looks more

Want to know how?

Here it is: grow long torso with dress:
  1. Tops with model V-neck, sweater or blouse would be very helpful.
  2. Wear long-sleeved shirts with or without sleeves that will make your arms look longer.
  3. If using a tie, you should select a size small.
  4. Use a long blouse or shirt but choose the newfangled not the baggy tight.
how to slim body looks more
Make the body look longer:
  1. Wearing dark colors.
  2. Monochrome colors will help as boss brown with dark brown pants combined with a matching belt.
  3. Plain long shirt or a small motif.
  4. Wearing a long coat will also help.
  5. Avoid loose clothing because it will only make you look wider. Wear tops sewn by fitting the size of your body.
  6. Waist skirt or pants will only make your body size pins, avoid clothes like this.
how to slim body looks more
Elongate the leg:
  1. Use the knee-length skirt with socks and matching shoes.
  2. Newfangled length pencil skirt with high heels can make you look taller.
  3. Use the newfangled straight pants or hip skinny. If you do not feel confident with skinny pants, you can choose straight-cut trousers because it will make the legs appear longer and thinner.
  4. Trousers with a high waist to make you look taller.
  5. If using pants with stripes, choose the pants with has vertical seam or vertical stripes.
  6. Choose trousers or jeans without cuff
  7. Boots with high heels or thick soles are an option and should avoid shoes that are flat.
  8. Jeans or material that falls right on the heels is a good choice. Avoid pants that fell on the ankle as it will only make the legs look shorter.
  9. Pants with a pattern of unusual or exciting will make people think you're a long distance because the motive is in the pants.
These are 3 ways How to slim body looks more and and make your body look taller. It can help you increase confidence.

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