Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big Hips Dressing Tips

Big hips dressing tips - Have drawbacks the big hips on the body, does not mean you can’t work around this.
big hips dressing tips

Women do not confident to have big hips. But do not worry, with the right dress trick then the hips shape can be camouflaged. Here some tips that can make your big hips look proportional and elegant.

  1. Appropriate Dresses
    Even if you have big hips, do not try to cover it up with clothes that are too loose and does not fit to your body. Wear the appropriate dresses to your body size. Do not also wearing the layer and lots of color. It actually makes your body more 'full and bigger'.
  2. Selection of Colors
    To camouflage the hips, you can use dark colors such as dark gray, burgundy, dark green, dark blue or black.
  3. big hips dressing tips
  4. Blazer or Cardigan Covering Hips
    Use a straight jacket and a cardigan that follow the structure of the body. Wear long to hide your hips.
  5. Baby doll dress
    Baby doll fashion model is also effective to hide the belly and big hips. Baby doll dress has a piece fits in the body and expands in the stomach or waist.
  6. Straight-cut pants
    To make your waist does not look big wear a pair of straight-cut balance. Skinny-cut pants instead accentuate the hips.
Hopeful big hips dressing tips benefits for you. Thanks for your reading.

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