Friday, December 28, 2012

The Waitress here Wearing Mini Dresses

The waitress here wearing mini dresses - The service in the Twin Peaks restaurant, American, wearing a plaid mini, which accentuate their breasts. The restaurant is just one of the many "Breastaurant" that began mushrooming overseas.
bikini restaurant

mini dresses

The visitors will be served by the restaurant Breastaurant waitresses dressed in mini. The owner of Twin Peaks, Randy DeWitt, confirmed that the main focus of the restaurant is to make customers feel special and really enjoy their healthy foods, as reported in the Dailymail.

This concept has actually been adopted by Hooters since the 1980's. Now the restaurant is struggling in the fierce competition among "breastaurant" the other.

Hooters claims that they do not just rely on "lust" visitors only. However, they also serve food menu was varied and tasty. In other words, they also expect many visitors actually come to eat.

Interest of the community, especially men, to go to a restaurant like this, make sales rose by 30%, according to Technomic.
"Many young people who come here. Course without their father and mother." said Darren Tristano, an analyst at Technomic.

Appearances section of the ministry "Breastaurant" deemed not disturb visitors, especially parents who came with their children.

"If you come in the evening, you'll see a lot of kids here," said Adams, an electrical engineer who loved the food at the restaurant menu.
"After all, all the waiters are dressed. If you go to the beach, it's much worse than being here," he added.

Pros and cons about the presence of the concept of "Breastaurant" invite polemics in the community. However, it all depends on the perceptions and goals of your current

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