Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tips on Caring our Favorite Clothes

Tips on caring our favorite clothes - Any expensive clothes if not cared for properly will be easily damaged. If you have a favorite dress and want to make it durable, proper care is essential.
how to care your dresses

Not only for fashion into a long life, but also make you more efficient. Just do the following five steps:

Wash cold water

Wash clothes in cold water and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach, because it is hard and can make the material easily torn. If the clothing is made of soft material, you should wash by hand. For such heavy clothing made from jeans, you should not overuse washing machine.

Avoid from dryer
Dryer can not only make the fabric shrink, but also exacerbated the fibers. Use liquid fabric softener and then hanging on the clothesline pole. Another way, put on pedestal flat to dry. Not only will your clothes last longer, you also save on the cost of electrical energy.
how to care your dresses

Clean stains immediately
Remove the stain on the dress as soon as possible. The more rapidly cleared, the easier the stain disappears. You can use wet wipes first, if it can not immediately find soap to clean.

Keep dresses appropriately
Use a fitted foam padded hangers for clothes made ​​from lightweight. Then, use wooden hangers for suits and blazers. To eliminate moisture in the cabinet, use moist absorbent products. Dresses can be moldy in damp conditions.
how to care your dresses

Reduce contact to perfume
Material from perfume and styling products can damage the fibers. We recommend using perfume and styling products before you dress. This is to avoid direct contact with the chemical fiber fabric.

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