Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dresses And Hairstyle For Christmas

Dresses and hairstyle for Christmas - If you have made a choice for beautiful dress for a Christmas party, the most important thing to be aware is charming hairstyle. You can add a charming side to your personality by wearing a fabulous hairstyle. Once you determine your clothing choices, now is the time to switch to your hair.
Take inspiration from the following five festive hair styles for you to try at home are taken from the hairdresser Errol Douglas MBE who has worked with a number of celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

Updo Hair Style
updo hairstyle for christmas

Sophisticated updo with a little tip is a perfect blend of style your own, obviously Errol. Tie your hair into a bun like the same distance away from the nape of your neck, and then the form of decoration in your head. Comb hair gently before you backward to look high, it will be seen opposite perfectly with your bun. Hair styles for red carpet depends on the resilience of shape, so use hair spray on your hair when wet and dry.
We've seen Cat Deeley use this hair style beautifully in the Emmy awards.

Big blow out hairstyle
big blow hairstyle for christmas

The rolls are always appropriate in every season and holiday party that makes a good reason to use. We've often seen on the catwalk, fashion AW12 Carolina Herrera showed a dapper appearance with high movement up and hairstyles that shine, "said Errol.
The key to this performance is the preparation and condition the hair, use Moroccan oil Treatment is applied to make the hair style looks wet and shiny, then finish with dyeing, something that requires effort.
Dry your hair with a barrel brush that makes hair look stiff. Once dry, use a hair tie Alice, and shape your hair with hair spray and back comb binding beyond the place Alice to make the hair look more dramatic.

Add Accessories
big blow hairstyle

Add an accessory to your daily appearance suitable when even after you finish work, and can give a dramatic touch if you choose the right accessories. My favorite is the baroque style accessories, antiques, or other objects that contain ornate accessories but it depends on the length of your hair. Wear accessories that shiny hair after you comb your hair daily in style to add a touch of dapper, said Errol.
Actress and model use the Jena Council is a beautiful style while attending the SS12 fashion show earlier this year.

Sleek ponytail hairstyle
sleek ponytail hairstyle for christmas

"This is a great way to make your outfit the center of attention while showing off his dramatic impression with a simple style," said Errol.
The key to getting this ponytail hairstyle is when you hair wet and dry it quickly. Choose the middle or the side (like in the picture Beyonce) and comb the opposite direction, before it was tied into a ponytail hairstyle with hair band or elastic binder.
Once the hair has been collected, take the little parts and use a hair tie to make the hidden shiny appearance.

Retro Hollywood waves Hairstyles
retro hollywood waves hairstyle

"This is a charming appearance," said Errol. "It's about creating a soft wavy hair that continued to the end. Hairstyle can be created by using a hair dryer driven gently."
Use the smaller-sized hairbrush, hair grouped into several sections. "Each piece is clamped for 3 to four minutes, and make sure when you release the clamp, gently comb out your hair with a thin comb, with a slightly stroked, do not brush it."
Use hair spray to medium pressure, hold a distance of about 25cm from your hair and spray to all parts of your hair, then you will be ready for the red carpet like Jessica Chastain.

Those are some tips how to dress and hairstyle for Christmas, if you have any ideas you can make on comment form below. Thank you

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