Sunday, December 9, 2012

Women Hate These Menswear

Women hate these menswear - For most women, one costume or not proper follow the fashion trend is a 'sin' in terms of appearance. This, not only applies to her, but also the appearance of her couple.
According to the women, the dress style is not exactly considered unsightly, and should immediately do a 'make over' or remodel appearance. A 6000 poll involving online readers, concludes that there are some men's clothing styles that tend to not like by woman, as quoted by Shine.

Trousers baggy or sagging
menswear that women hate
Sagging jeans model turns out many undesirable women. As many as 18 percent of women feel worn pants do not fit to him. Many women claim to abhor see men wearing baggy pants. In fact, the trend of wearing baggy pants among men is quite long endure. Starting from 1993 - 2010, there are still plenty of men wearing underwear model.

Socks with sandals
menswear that women hate

19% of respondents considered the sandals with socks is the worst breach. If it is warm enough to wear sandals, let your toes breathe. If not, it's better to wear shoes.

menswear that women hate
Tight shorts worn for swimming is widely worn by men around the world. However, 17 percent of women of the poll said they did not like it and feel uncomfortable to see men wearing speedos.

Concurrently T-shirt with the shirt
menswear that women hate
Many women think, men who look like this looks bad. Just as wearing sandals with socks. Wearing a shirt that concurrently with the shirt also makes him look like having a cold.

Skinny jeans
menswear that women hate
Many women do not like men with too tight pants or pants cut like a woman. For women, men who wear tight underwear model is not displayed a manhood.

Too many accessories
menswear that women hate
A total of 9 percent of women think, wear excessive jewelry or accessories would make him look unkempt appearance. One rule of thumb for men in terms of wearing jewelry accessory is not wearing much more than women.

Oversized clothes
menswear that women hate
Sometimes the clothes do not fit in the body would look bad for the wearer. This is also the worst fashion is often done a lot of men. The average woman is not like a man looking like this.

Men should avoid from those menswear.

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