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How to Wear your Sun Dress to Office

How to wear your sun dress to office - Holidays are over but do you still want to wear a sun dress? No problem, if you are so fond of dress with the top open. You just need a little play with the accessories, colors, shoes, and cover such as a cardigan or jacket.
dresses to office

After that, the sun dress were ready for use in the office meeting with clients. Through 17:00, you can change the accessories or jacket, and made sun dress as usual.

What you need:

Sun dress
Shoes for the office
Jacket, blazer, or cardigan
dresses to office

Sun dress is usually made using a material that is light and floating. Therefore, select a sun dress with appropriate length. Too mini will make you rush to set posture. Too long will not look office-friendly again. The length of the right is that makes you comfortable to move, and remained polite to wear to the office. At the mall you may complete sun dress with leggings, but these alloys are not suitable to wear to the office (unless you work in a creative field).
dresses to office

Choose a motif that is suitable for the office atmosphere. Large floral red or orange, or a frill detail on the neck, it would look too casual. Choose a darker color with a pattern more professional, like little flowers, or tribal motives.
Choose an appropriate work shoes for the working environment, such as the model of Mary Jane, peep toe, sling back, or whatever shoes you normally wear to the office. Do not wear stiletto heels or strappy sandals (shoes strappy open-rigging) that make your appearance look less more work-friendly.

Wear accessories carefully. Heavier jewelry will make a sun dress more oriented to the office. You can wear a regular watch you wear, necklaces, or other jewelry that is not flashing. Avoid flashy trinkets.
Since the office is usually equipped with air conditioning, and a sun dress models typically use a thin rope, wearing a blazer, cropped jacket or cardigan to protect the shoulders and back. Of course, you need to ascertain whether a jacket or cardigan is perfect for your dress. Linen material or a thin knit will feel comfortable.

Tips to combine your sun dress to office

dresses to office

You can also wear a blouse with buttons half, or another employer outside sun dress to reduce the impression of casual dress. This way, you will be seen wearing a skirt and tank top blouse closed. Choose a blouse with a formal model to look contrasts.
We recommend that you mix sun dress with open shoes only if you are accustomed to wearing open shoes for the office.

If you have a sun dress low cleavage, wear a tank top in it.
Do not be afraid to mix and match, or experimenting. Dare to try wearing a vest outside sun dress? The result will be completely different!

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