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Tips on Wearing a Bikini at the Beach

Tips on wearing a bikini at the beach - Trying bikini when vacation to the beach? Who's afraid! Not only for those who like sexy, shy there is any option for a more covered bikini.
beach bikini dresses
Sunny weather makes the right choice to spend the holidays this year on the beach. Not just for sunbathe or take a dip in the warm sea water, the beach is now also look like a catwalk fashion trends especially for the women.
So do not choose the wrong style to make it look fantastic and sexy even remain graceful when on vacation. Beach clothes or a general call bikini was not always need to spit out your body. Some bikini trends 2012 offers some designs are more closed but did not reduce the comfort of the wearer's body and beauty.
Swimsuit is often equipped with beach clothes or gorgeous tunic chiffon. Therefore, the selection of the right swimsuit will add style to your appearance in the sun coast heat.
The first swimwear trend that you can follow is a more feminine design with geometric motifs. Or you can try Single Shoulder 1 Piece swimwear that covers only one shoulder. Even a touch of gorgeous ruffles on your swimwear is also a trend in this year.
And try to be more daring with bold colored swimwear such as tangerine color, and you can also use accessories such as bangles and necklaces.
Beach clothing and fashion style trends in 2012 In 2012 the designers gave several alternatives bikini trend. The String Bikini to be one of the most popular swimwear styles on the market is a string bikini models that use less material or fabric and thin laces.
monokini bikini
According to the survey, 72% of women are fond of bikini with triangle and string ensemble models, while 28% think that skimpy bikini models seem too open and vulgar. Meanwhile, 26% of men claim to be able to develop his good imagination when he saw a woman with bikini at the beach.
There is also The Standard Two-Piece. Bikini with a model of the standard two-piece outfit is also the most popular of the past until now.
For men, 93% claimed to like seeing women wearing a sexy bra and panties. Bandeau Top Bikini with a model piece strapless and forms the ribbon at the top similar to Roman times and without straps on the shoulders and neck. Perhaps because of this exotic history many men about 89% claimed to admire the view.
Monokini beach fashion style is suitable for women who want to stand out when you are at the beach. Suits with one-piece bikini where is the top and subordinates do not really cut and connected by a thin strip of material.
From the results of the survey that only 22% liked the look of it because it looks more appealing, while 78% are not very fond because the model they think is magical and complicated.
One-Shoulder Suit Bikini is usually referred to as a bikini model as Tarzan-esque. But a string bikini model is somewhat less on the shoulders of devotees. 67% of men directly connected to the story of Tarzan, but they loved it. And the rest still choose bikini with two shoulder straps which he said more normal. Stylish bikinis for the Shys Wearing a bikini or one-piece while walking the beach may make you less confident. You do not need to hesitate anymore, just cover your swimsuit with these clothes you are ready to look fashionable on the beach
  1. Maxi dress
    maxi beach dresses
    Clothes that can be worn while eating at a restaurant, followed by sunbathing on the beach is a maxi dress. With the outfit look glamorous this one will be easy once you get inside. Choose a lightweight material so that your movement is not limited by the length of the channel.
  2. Mini kaftan
    mini kaftan dresses
    Mini kaftan canal that intersected very sweet when used as output your bikini, let alone kaftan slightly transparent material. Combine it with gladiator sandals and a long strap Drawstring bag will support your actions. Additional stack bangles make appearances became more vibrant beaches.
  3. Romper
    romper beach cover up
    No beach clothing as comfortable romper or playsuit called. This style is simple and sweet will further reinforce the feel of the beach, especially when romper has a vibrant motifs.
  4. Skirt
    skirt beach cover up
    Mix and match to make a contrast motif with your skirt. In addition to getting a fashionable look, you can cover your pear body shape.
  5. Tunic
    tunic beach dresses
    Similarly, kaftans, tunics also will look nice when applied over your swimsuit. The classical model makes tunic can be used by women of all ages. Choose a unique model with a low collar to show you a little bikini. That is so sexy!
  6. Coast Gloves
    Gloves are worn for a walk to the beach is not a regular glove. Sheath is in the form of a thin fabric that you can tie to be a skirt. By wearing it, instantly felt the seductive touch of bright color bikini you
  7. Boyfriend Shirt
    No clothing that gives the impression of sexy and cool than your partner's shirt. Take for example Kate moss that gives a touch of grunge with loose patterned plaid shirt.
  8. Cardigan
    beach cardigan
    Who says work clothes can only be worn when working alone. You can wear a cardigan for your vacation. Cardigan made from thin material as worn by Rihanna can also help you avoid sunburn.
So do not get confused when going to the beach like wearing clothes what you like. Keep enjoy with your appearance. Find more dresses tips on Smart Dresses Tips and Guide

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