Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dresses Tips from Liv Tyler

Dresses tips from Liv Tyler - A lot of money does not always make the actress has a good sense of dressing. As with Liv Tyler is one of Hollywood actress style unsightly and not excessive. Daughter of Steven Tyler is indeed able to look attractive, well dressed as elegant or casual. New York-born actress who likes to experiment with fashion and often try to mix and match a variety of clothing styles to see that inspiration can come from anywhere.
Liv Tyler dresses tips

If one of your resolutions this year is to have a style better than last year, some of the tips that have been shared by Liv can help you. Want to know what the distribution suggestions? Here are six tips from Liv Tyler to help find a style of dress that suits for you.

1. Comfortable dress
Use the comfortable clothes for you to wear. Not everything that you have in the wardrobe items must be different and stand out. Wearing something nice to wear as much fun to wear nice clothes. Liv admits that he also loves to shop, though not excessive. He bought ordinary fashion items such as t-shirts, jeans, or a jacket is something fun to do.

2. Start from the Top
Liv fun experimenting with her hair. According change the color and style of hair is a great and easy way to find out what style suits to hers, whether it's short hair, curly, or straight. Colors and highlights can also highlight certain advantages possessed by the owner of the hair. Liv has been coloring her hair red and loved the color. She tried to dye her hair a dirty blonde, and she thought the result was very bad, so she was soon to change her hair color back.
Liv Tyler dresses tips

3. Style that Inspires
Have a look what is the latest in display output of the designer collections can be a great inspiration. By observing trends of newest fashion, you can determine what kind of clothes you want to wear and look like what you want. Style of Stella McCartney and Givenchy is a favorite of Liv. She also liked the works of Tom Ford at the moment. But, according to the Liv, style of dress does not need to be restricted. Do not just look at the styles available in the collection at the moment. You can also get inspiration from fashion in the 1700's or 1970's, for example.

4. Mixed Style
Do not think too much about your fashion style too protracted. If you have a personality that is more calm, you can use the theme as a reference to your overall look. But if you are more eclectic tastes, do not be afraid to mix different styles into one. For Liv, to find the style that's right for each person, no need to limit yourself with the rules of what should or should not be used.

5. Do the Research
Find as many references to help determine the style of what you like and do not like. Observe the people around, look at pictures of models or actors, or you can also cheat the style of a movie. According to Liv, while doing this, you will realize that most interest you actually are styles that you think is easiest to replicate. Liv's love for fashion research. For her nothing can be a great source of style inspiration.
Liv Tyler dresses tips

6. Anyone Can Be Stylish
The style of dress is not something inborn. There are those who from the beginning already have the ability to choose clothes well. However, the style of dress can also be something that is learned. According to Liv, people should not feel that they need to dress in styles that are standard. Grow up and develop your own style is something that's fun. That makes it very enjoyable fashion world because here you are free to choose what is suitable and not suitable for you.

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