Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dressed for The Distended Stomach

Dresses for the distended stomach - Who wants to have distended stomach? Of course, everyone would answer will not want to have it. Because distended stomach will make you feel embarrassed when you are hanging out with your friends.
Dresses for the distended stomach
But do not to feel embarrassed when this happens to you, now you can covered with a suitable choice of clothing.
For those of you who have a distended stomach and want to keep it interesting should also read the following tips on How to Choose Clothing Disguise for Distended Stomach below :
Dresses for the distended stomach
  • Divert Attention for Clothing
    You must wear the appropriate for fashion to divert one's view of the part of your body that you want to buddy up. This fashion course where you want to disguise in the abdomen.
  • The selection of colors
    Black or dark color turned out to be the easiest color camouflage belly. Colors are slimming effect coupled with other clothing that have other dark colors can easily demonstrate credible body slimmer.
  • Empire Line Dresses
    Dresses with empire lines can also disguise belly look distended. Clothing that looks more closely at the torso and a bit loose in the abdominal area is certainly the most appropriate clothing worn by my friend who has a pot belly.
  • Dresses for the distended stomach
  • Mid-Rise Jeans
    Jeans Pants Model is not going to stand through time. In addition to jeans to show inner beauty apparently also can camouflage pants belly to make it look more slimmer. Select models of mid-rise that fall right in the lower abdomen.
Those are more tips how to dress when you have a distended stomach, hopeful benefits for you

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