Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tips on Choosing a Healthy Bra

Tips on choosing a healthy bra - Breasts are body parts are soft and sensitive because it contains no muscle mass. Bra usage or lack of proper bra can cause permanent damage to the breast. If your bra is too tight, your breasts will be depressed thereby blocking the blood circulation and cause irritation. If your bra is too loose, your breasts saggy or hanging due to lack of sustained. Therefore, it is important to use proper bra every day.

Tips on choosing a healthy bra
Here are tips on choosing the right bra for you :
  1. Try to fitting bra first before buying. Fitting bra will hold your breasts well but do not press so leave marks on your back skin and shoulders. Do not be shy or hesitant to try the bra before buying and do not rely on information from the clerk. You are most able to feel where the bra that best suits your body. Do not buy a bra just to look around unless you have used the brand, size and the same type previously. If you are not allowed to try the bra, find another store that allows you to do it.
  2. If the size of your breasts enlarged before or during menstruation, you should not buy a bra at times because you are going to buy bras with sizes too big. You may need to have a special bra for those times (and also at other times when breasts enlarged, such as pregnant and lactating women).
  3. Bra size is shown in the circumference of the chest and upper body breast size. Bra’s number is bust size expressed in numbers, such as 32, 34 (for USA) or 70, 75, 80 ( Europe / International ). The size of the breast expressed in letters, namely A, B, C, and so on. Know where appropriate size pair with your body. If your breast size is different between the right and the left, choose the larger breast size as a benchmark.
  4. Choose from cotton or micro fiber Bra because it is more convenient for day-to- day activities. This material follow the contours of the body and skin pores so that you can breathe freely. Avoid buying a bra that has expired so no more bending when used, though sold at a discount or closeout.
  5. Choose a binder or bra strap is elastic because it provides comfort and flexibility when you adjust them properly. However, do not use the bra strap of material that is too flexible as lycra, spandex, etc. because it failed to give the prop when your breasts large enough.
  6. For bowl bra, you may choose a foaming or without foam, as long as it feels comfortable. Bowl Bra without foam feels more "gripping ", but maybe a little less comfortable than the foaming. You can alternate between the two types to suit your preferences and activities.
  7. Use a special bra when exercising. There are many special types of sports bras, but all of them have a specific function that reduces swaying breasts without depressed. To that end, specialized sport bras usually do not have a big frame and brace fastened to provide maximum support. Bra straps may be crossed in the back (in the form X or Y) to provide the range of motion and the materials used are usually porous so it can absorb sweat and dry. When selecting specific sports bra, make sure you also have to suit with your body. Try to perform certain movements to determine whether you will be comfortable wearing it during exercise.

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