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How to dress to the office

How to dress to the office

Fortunately, if you work in an office that has no official rules for the model for your office dress. This of course will make you become free to determine your appearance.

But often, the absence of formal rules and standards of dress sometimes interpreted incorrectly by officials to sometimes wear clothes that do not fit with the job and considered less precise and less polite. This of course will affect the assessment of your office where you work.

How to avoid the problem above and to be able to perform with confidence at a time when work, you should read some tips from the following enchantment beauty. Wear appropriate clothing sizes
For office wear, should all be sized versatile fit. Loose clothing will make you look like a slacker, while clothing that is too tight will make you a man who sees the negative minded to you. Note also the line of your underwear. You should use a G-string while wearing a skirt that was a bit tight. Do not overdo the accessories to dress up and wear
Decorate your body with excessive makeup and accessories that will not make you beautiful. It only makes you be judged "over acting" by people who see your appearance. Dress up appropriately, wear accessories that are not too flashy and use perfume that is not too overpowering.

Avoid wearing a sexy outfit

You want to look like a professional employee while working. By wearing clothing that completely sexy, sometimes even going to make will be judged not as you expect. Avoid wearing clothes that are too low the top, and also avoid wearing skirts that are too short.

Wear the right shoes

Try not to wear shoes that have the right in the top 10 cm. We recommend using shoes that are comfortable and do not interfere with your mobility while working. Do not be too matching
In fashion wear, should avoid the combination of colors that are too flashy. Simply select a dress with light colors and striking, then balance with neutral colors. Choose a bag that makes you look professional
For this to work, you should use a structured bag and stiff. It would be better if you use a bag made of leather. To note, the bag that you use at the office can be an indicator of how professional judgment owner.
Without being asked, most people will give an assessment of your appearance, Although it is not conveyed directly, but it will be an assessment of how you related professional to your job. Therefore, be careful in dress.
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