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The Trend about Dresses in 2012

The trend about dresses in 2012 Fashion world is always changing from time to time. Trends are always changing. Prior trend will disappear and a new trend will emerge, although often we also know that the previous trend has been drowning can occur again.
2012 dresses trends
Fashion trend in 2012 is in the predictions will become more dynamic, has a silhouette of a conventional nature.
Trend in 2011 will soon be replaced by the trend of 2012. So, if you are one who always follow the trend and style of dress, these tips will help you in the dress and style in 2012 so you will not say behind the times. What's IN:
  1. Masculine-feminine. One of the fashion style in the year 2012 is to be much preferred clothes that seem a bit masculine, but still feminine. Will also be lots of motocross style inspired by the use of mesh, padding, lines, and zippers.
  2. 2012 dresses trends
  3. Drop-waist dress. Dress model year '20 with the piece at the waist so that it looks like a baby doll. However, this cut dress will make you feel more refreshed and more mature. For a more glamorous style, choose sleeveless dresses. While for everyday use, the choice of sleeved dresses would look beautiful.
  4. Big bros. Bros and the various applications of embroidery in large measure will be back in demand this year. Ranging from various types of unique brooches, until a funny homemade brooch.
  5. Baseball cap. Baseball cap often appeared over 12 times in a fashion show in the spring, so that no doubt will be the current trend. And do not think this cap will only be popular for those who like sporty style. Designers such as Karen Walker designed a baseball cap with a pattern of flowers that will not give the impression of a tomboy on your appearance. Out: fedora hat.
  6. Platform sneakers. This shoe is a transition from a model in platform shoes last spring. If last season, sneakers with soles standards become a trend, now that would be an option sneakers with thick soles and high but still flat. Out: flat sole sneakers.
  7. Loose-fit jeans. This year will be popular jeans are kind of loose fit. Pieces are slightly loose but tight at the bottom allow your feet to "breathe". Pieces pants will also provide a courteous silhouette when paired with high heels or stilettos. Out: Skinny jeans.
  8. Shorts. Bermuda shorts, or pants with loose knee-length piece, would be more polite and easy to mix and match. Pair with slim-fit tops that make it look more chic. Out: Hot pants.
    What's OUT:
  1. Harem pants. Harem pants are made for people who want to cover a large portion of his body, so it will look baggy on the top and tight at the ankle. People with wide hips less fit pants type.
  2. Owl motif. It appears in a variety of accessories, from necklaces to owl-shaped motif shirt. However, it is actually a lot of other cute animals that could use a motif accessories and materials.
  3. Square heels. Today women have the right shoes square will be avoided because it is considered much less fashionable. Many women would prefer shoes with a sharp right, and open-toe front.
  4. Animal hats. Animal shaped hat, such as a bear or tiger, does look cute and adorable. However, this accessory seems to be avoided in this year, especially for those who want to look older. 
  5. Bubble skirt. Bubble skirt or popularly known as the balloon skirt (bubble skirt) is very popular in recent years. This skirt made women look more beautiful hips and volume.
  6. Gladiator sandals. Many types of gladiator sandals is avoided because of its design that has a lot of straps and high, so that does not seem practical. Wedges shoes are still the favorite, but a classic shoe without a lot of detail going back tune. That made the difference is the classic shoes with soles of wood motif.
  7. Dress all size. Often you find the kind of clothes in several shopping centers, and it is sometimes difficult for you. Therefore, not all size all size looks good on your body. Type of clothing that is often called "popcorn shirts" will not be much more preferable.
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