Sunday, October 21, 2012

How to Dress to Attending a Wedding

How to Dress to Attending a Wedding - Attending a wedding would be more fun if we adjust the appearance of a party theme or mood. Ty McBrayer, via, will share tips on choosing clothes for you who will be attending a wedding.

Adjust the time of the party
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First of all, think about what clothing would you wear. Think of the place and location of the wedding. Time also affects party dress would you wear later. If the party is at 6 pm, then wear brightly colored clothing, and if the party is during the day do not wear dark clothing.

Consider colors and accessories
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Appearances are not appropriate or clothing and jewelry that do not correspond necessarily need you to consider. If the party is held at night, then you should not hesitate if dressed in black or dark. You can also wear simple accessories such as a necklace or a colored shoe. However, if the theme is black and official mentioned, the suits and dresses is her choice. However, if the party on the beach, sporty and colorful suits would be charming and appropriate.

Feel comfortable during the party
Comfortable in a party is certainly not an easy thing. In addition we are able to mingle with the guests, of course, is also a key issue of comfort dressing. Make sure you dress according to the weather. For men, wearing a hat will certainly make it more convenient, are also suitable for women to wear a small shawl or scarf around the neck. However, if you are not so sure with the theme of the party, then dress with the theme of conservative or semi-formal with neutral colors. Better a little exaggeration of the poor performance and discomfort.

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