Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tips to look slimmer with your dresses

Tips to look slimmer with your dresses - Diet is not the only way to be able to look more beautiful and slim. Do you want to look slimmer ? How to dress fitting the body can make you look slimmer. Here's a tip of the few Hollywood actresses fashion stylist to produce the illusion of a slimmer body.
  1. Pencil skirt
    tips to look slimmer
    Pencil skirt is a subordinate who can make anything look good body shape. It could also wear to the office, to go on a date, or partying. Black is a safe color, but if you want to choose a pencil skirt look different bright colors like maroon is good choice.
  2. Blazer
    tips to look slimmer
    Blazer plain makes your appearance look more trendy. Blazer notched pieces at the waist that will create a sleek effect, and cuts like a straight men blazer jacket can also cover your big body.
  3. Big belt
    tips to look slimmer
    Tie it at the waist, the effect is a sleek waist and hips are memorable tempting. Choose brightly colored belts to make your plain outfit look more attractive. 
  4. The dress that fits in the body
    tips to look slimmer
    Not too tight and not too loose. The length just fit above your knees. This model is the safest option to make the body look slimmer. Choose a dress that has accents at the neck so that the attention falls into your face, and do not be afraid to choose bright colors.
  5. Jeans that fit to body
    tips to look slimmer
    Nothing wrong to spend more money for an expensive pair of jeans, as long as the pieces fit in your body. Jeans are the main capital that must have if we want to look slim. Choose a flexible material (stretch) and hug the curve of your body well. Dark color is better, because it can be used in casual or formal events.
  6. Monochrome dress
    tips to look slimmer
    Use a monochromatic color from top to bottom is a chic and timeless way to make the body look longer, "said Nichole Chavez, fashion stylist to Rachel Bilson, Scarlett Johansson and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Using a dress in a color that is almost the same (monochrome) will not attract other people's views to one part of your body. In contrast, monochrome color will create a more slender silhouette.

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