Sunday, June 16, 2013

Forever Dress by Victoria Beckham

Forever dress by Victoria Beckham - Every woman has a canal that can make it feel perfect. One dress that can make the look of it, is a dress that was worn by Victoria Beckham.
victoria beckham forever dress
A survey conducted by Debenhams UK reveals traits waterway that has long been a dream for women or so-called 'forever dress'. 'Forever Dress' is a channel that makes the wearer feel confident, sleek, and perfect.

When survey participants were asked to explain the factors considered in selecting 'forever dress', most replied brightly colored overalls and colorblock. Interestingly, such as overalls sexy cut slit lower chest, sleeveless and tight canal, is not their favorite.

The woman was more like intersecting canal above the knees, chest detail covered and fitted sleeves. Materials used must be made of materials that strecth, so it can be adapted to the shape of their bodies.

Found in the survey results, 91 percent of women believe that they have found the channel or the right dress. But 98 percent agreed that 'forever dress' is hard to find.

For the price, canal or reasonably should dream dress sold for 55 poundstreling or Rp 700 thousand, but 85 percent of women are willing to pay up to 200 poundstreling or about USD 2.8 million for 'forever dress'. As for the color, only 42 percent who chose the color black as a favorite. Others prefer, pink, red, dark blue, and gray.

From the results of the poll found that one dress overalls worn by Victoria Beckham was included as a 'forever dress'. Canal works fuschia pink Roland Mouret Moon.

"Forever Dress is the canal that makes you feel perfect when it meets a former lover, future in-laws or attending a school reunion, a situation that requires self-confidence and looks amazing. Seems like there is only one dress out there and have a long-term relationship with you," Carie Barkhuizen spokesman said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

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