Friday, June 28, 2013

Pear Shape Body Dresses Tips

Pear shape body dresses tips - Pear body shape was like what the heck? Has a pear-shaped body that when certain parts of the body such as the hips or stomach is larger than other side of the body.
This body shape is most commonly owned women in the world especially for those women who rarely active activity. Looks like fat, but it is not. It's just really no tricks to be done to keep the body look slim and beautiful.
pear shape body dresses tips

Some of the tricks below can help you when you have a pear body type:

Choosing top clothes
For those of you who have a pear-shaped body, is good to choose the top with wide collar shape as this will help balance the upper and lower body.
You should also wear a blouse with a high hip so disguising the truth.
In addition, the top clothes can select with bright colors or stripes motif.

Choosing outer
The outer includes are jackets, cardigans, and blazers. Well, this outer wear items you are advised to choose who has the puff at the shoulder. The goal is to balance the shoulder to the hip so its size is obscured.
Better looking outer with high waist pieces that do not exactly make the hips look wider.

Choose pants
For pants, wear better items low rise, boot cut or wide leg that gives beautiful accent for the lower body. Should also wear stretch jeans because it will give the curve in your lower body.
Avoid choosing pants with pockets on both sides of the bottom, as it will make the lower body looks heavy. And always choose dark colored pants to disguise and give effect trim.

Choose skirts
Choose a skirt with a piece A-line so as to disguise wide hips. Optimize choose hipster skirt with a high waist and avoid choosing because it will make your hips look more broadly.
About long skirts, mini skirts and avoid choosing at least wear a medium or long dress alone.

Choosing shoes
Choosing comfort shoes must fit well. If the stiletto is less convenient for you, you do not have to select it anyway. However, it is recommended that you keep picking the right shoes sleek than wedges.

Choosing accessories
For business accessories, select necklaces with multiple models so as to make the upper body look full. While choosing earrings, you can choose bright colors and flashy.

Okay I think it enough about tips how to dress when you have pear shape body, hopeful you will look beautiful with my tips.

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