Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Dress to Look That Cheap is Expensive

How to dress to look that cheap is expensive - Many women are willing to spend money in order to fulfill the desire to look fashionable and expensive. But believe it or not, the clothes you bought cheaply can also look fancy when used appropriately.
How to dress to look that cheap is expensive

There are many ways to work around this. The first thing, as quoted by “I Love Dresses”, customize the pieces. You can get a little cut or fix the size that fits in the body attached. Always make sure the dress worn by both superiors or subordinates according to body size. This is important in order to look so elegant.

Using a belt on dress, can also give a touch of luxury. Not that you are not at all costs. But at least, you do not have to use expensive items from toe to head.

Use accessories such as necklaces, bracelets or earrings is the easiest way. Wear fairly simple clothes and mix with a unique accessory. Accessories are not only used as an ornamental, but also make the dress look more prominent.

It is no less important is to choose a shoe. Make sure that your shoes fit in foot use, clean and flawless. Can also add a little knick-knacks on old shoes like ribbon or glitter to make it look new.

Use an expensive fashion item to cover other garments, such as jackets. If you already use a jacket that looks expensive, then other people will not be too concerned that you put on the bottom. Then select clothing with dark colors such as black or navy.

Because dark colors usually make the wearer look using expensive clothes. Than if you use clothing with bright colors. Do not forget to set the hair as possible. Blow hair whenever traveling, to make it look neat all day.

If you want to use a satin dress with, make sure clothing is not wrinkled. Because the clothes look rumpled, shabby will make an impression on the wearer.

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