Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Use Scarf for Making a Bandana

homemakng a simple bandana using scarf
How to use scraft for making a bandana - Have you ever seen how the artists from East America wearing a bandana on his head with the casual accent? Well, it’s funny as well yes if you can use that too. But, from what materials can still get a pretty bandana?

It's easy, you do not have to have a special budget to buy a new bandana. Just use a scarf that you've got it.

Here how to step by step making bandana by yourself
homemakng a simple bandana using scarf

1. Spread the scarf you got
2. Fold into a triangle
3. Fold back edges into quarter sections scarf
4. Fold back the size of the right proportions to form a wide band

If it doing how the next? Well if you already follow just a few steps in the image below:
homemakng a simple bandana using scarf

• Tidy up and lift the hair up using hair clips and rubber.
• Wraps scarf that is folded earlier, then trim and pull it from the rear to the front. See pictures yes.
• Put the end of the scarf, then make a tie knot ties up a few times. But first make sure the bond comfortable and not easily separated.
• Now, the end of your scarf can hide behind a bandana to make it look sweet. Or you can also let it be the accent ribbon outside.
• Trim back hair look by using gel so the results will remain tidy for longer.

For the selection of scarves, better use is made of cotton and chiffon that is not easy to not loose. Cotton will bind and stick longer than other materials.
Now you will looking beautiful with homemaking bandana using scarf

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