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Choosing The Right Panties to Avoid Whitish

Choosing The Right Panties to Avoid Whitish

How to choose the right panties to avoid whitish vaginal discharge? The problems of whitish vaginal discharge is often becomes the thing that makes women anxious. One of the causes of vaginal discharge is a fungal disease that grows in sex organs areas of women. While one of the causes of these fungi is the selection of panties that are not precise.
How to choose the right panties to avoid whitish vaginal discharge

Underwear, especially in this case is panties often not considered a woman because it is hidden and not visible. However, this practice can actually cause problems in the sex organs. One of them is a fungus or bacteria growing in intimate areas because of moist panties.

Fungi or bacteria can cause itchy, red rash and whitish vaginal discharge. Therefore, the selection of good and right panties is very important. Do not wear your panties on that are not right.
Here's the right panties should you choose.
  • Choose underwear or panties that is not too tight, not too loose. If there is a rubber trace on your waist it meaning that you panties is too tight.
  • Choose a pair in cotton for use in the long term to keep the sex organs is not humid. Tight panties and made of flexible material usually does not absorb the sweat and make intimate area moist, fungus and bacteria consequently easier to breed.
  • If you feel damp or wet panties, immediately replace it with clean and dry panties. Because of this, take a clean underpants in a bag that does not look small purse. Put in your bag.
  • Always wash and rinse your underwear until clean. Residual soap and perfume fragrance can be left in panties and cause allergies. So make sure you wash your pants in to clean.

Those are some tips for choosing a panties good and proper. May be useful for you.

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