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How to Integrate Black and White in the Dress

How to Integrate Black and White in the Dress

How to Integrate Black and White in the Dress - Although black and white color are always safe, you have to be smart in doing both, or seek its equivalent, good motives, composition, materials, to complement the accessories. Check out my tips:
Black and white fashion tips

  • Known your Body shape
Before wearing a black and white dress, you must first understand the character of your body. Because this will facilitate for the fashion’s selection.

If your upper body is bigger, then focus to the part with black color, and white colors on the advantage of a more streamlined. Alternatively, you can also choose a dress with black domination with white accents on the edge of your fashion.
If the lower body is bigger, you should take advantage of a dark color to disguise it. For example, a white blouse suits combined with black pants or skirt.
To accentuate certain body parts, such as the chest, legs, or waist shape, focus on the part of the white color. For example, in order to appear more prominent chest, wearing a low cut blouse with a sexy black bus, while the fitted waist dress with a motif on the bottom of the volume effect is able to make a more curvy body.

  • Observe the motif
Playing dress motif with a blend of black and white will make the appearance more expressive and different. Hit motifs can also be an exciting option to create more modern and beautiful appearance. Understand the trick.

  1. Floral Motif. Choose a small flower motif to make the body look slimmer, while the large floral motifs can make a fuller body proportions.
  2. Balls and dots motif.Balls and dots motif is giving a different effect on the body. If you want to make the body look fuller, you can wear a white dress with a combination of dot motif, while the black dress combined with a pattern of large balls (polka dot) can be worn by those who want to appear slimmer.
  3. Line pattern.Line pattern favorable for petite or slender women is shaped horizontally, while vertical motif is liable to make the body more slender.

  • Thorough the material texture
Utilization of the right materials to be the key of your appearance.

Satin, chiffon, and silk be an option to look more glamorous. The character of the material that is lightweight and easy to drift in black and white makes you look more luxurious.
Cotton, Thai silk, shantung, can be used as an alloy material for a more casual occasion or semiformal. Can be realized in the form of pants, skirt, blouse, or jacket.
Velvet and taffeta, despite impressive 'heavy', powerful make you look more elegant appearance. Or wear it as an accent on fashion.
Lace material has a unique texture and smooth, which makes the look feminine and graceful appearance.

  • What are the accessories?
Do not merely glued on accessories black and white only. With the combination of contrasting colors, you can actually freer in style, and appearance was not boring.

Choose pastel colors or light up, because these colors make you look more in character with a black and white dress. For example, bag or shoes with nude and solid like red will look sexy.
Add bling-bling accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, or bracelet that rocks or crystals detailed to add a plus in simple black and white dress.
If you want to look more casual, mix black and white dress with a belt, big bags, and sunglasses matching colors or neon colors.

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