Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tips on Wearing Neon Gown

Tips on wearing neon gown - Neon colors gown are often avoided because it seemed tacky. it is only for some people who do not understand. Maybe you don’t know how to use neon colors to still look beautiful and fashionable.
Fluorescent color is the color of passionate, uplifting and makes you fresh every day. How could you wear neon colors gown without sounding tacky? Try just a few tips below.

Arrange the colors with Basic Colors
If you are confused and want to wear it safe in using fluorescent colors, mix with a basic color. Among these are the added black, white or gray. Type of aura colors can dampen striking neon colors and neutral impressed when combined.
tips on wearing neon gown

Never wearing double color
If you already use a flaming orange color, do not mix with a neon yellow belt and red chili nail. Let fluorescent be the highlight of your appearance. For example, when you use the orange shirt on top, let you keep the belt in a neutral color, like black. While nail color can customize, for example with fluorescent orange or yellow were given a black tip.

Adjust with event
Do not use neon colors that are on the official event or to bring elegant style. Neon is very dynamic and rebellious nature. Use this when you need a color that is cheerful and energetic appearance as a hangout, to the beach or when the weather is gloomy.

Stay Colorful
After wearing clothes with neon colors according to its portion, may also use other colors creations are still in tune. For example, pink with blue, yellow with green and so on. Colorful shades that will make you look more beautiful and vibrant.

Reduce for Excessive Accessories
In order not to give the impression of exaggeration, if you want to use accessories, avoid using a lot of accessories. Already quite striking neon colors, so if you want to use additional accessories, select colors that contain neutral.

Well, to avoid using the clothes appear garish neon colors, do the tips above. Hope can make you more fashionable in your neon gown, Ladies.

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