Friday, November 8, 2013

Floral Motif For Men And Women

Floral motif for men and women - Not related to the fall and winter, floral motif is currently a timeless trend season restrictions. Such as the release of some fashion pages, in Europe and America, the current fashion flower motifs have a place in every season. In fact, the possibility of the flower motif fashion trends will continue to be the trend for the next year.
floral dress for women
At first, many people who put fashion floral as the most appropriate clothing worn during the spring and summer. The style blooms and green foliage accents on clothes, will give the feel of freshness and vigor of spring. Meanwhile, the bright colors of flowers and leaves, will accompany the joy of welcoming warmth of the summer sun.

Nowadays, fashion floral into representation on the wearer feeling happy and cheerful, in every season. As reported, dress flower motif also be merriment fashion in autumn and winter. Color flower motifs into attractive accent in a general fashion winter layers. For tropical countries fashion wear floral still pleasing to the eye. In fact, fashion floral were already experiencing cross- gender. No longer subject to the monopoly of women, but also the men.

floral shirt for men
Adult men will still look macho with flower motif shirt in any color. Wear it too, do not be like the man was at the edge of the beach. All can still look smart - casual with a blend chinos or jeans.

Floral are a selection of clothing for every season, it could be the little flowers that has the stalk and leaves. Then the large flowers with small flower arrangements like a bouquet at the end of the dress. Primary color for fashion even this flower motifs, can be black, to strengthen the impression of glamor and bright colors or white. In essence, there is no restriction of color and floral to wear women and men. It all depends on the design, would be brought in casual clothing or smart - casual, all while providing vibrancy and freshness of the flowers that are blooming.