Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Princess Diana Dress Auction December 2013

Princess Diana dress auction, who interest? Although already died nearly 16 years, the name of Princess Diana is still remembered for all time. Her legacy objects are still felt extremely valuable. One of them is a lovely and her favorite dress.
Princess Diana's favourite fairytale ballgown for sale
The plan is the dress that design by David and Elizabeth Emanuel will be auctioned in December 2013, by Kerry Taylor Auctions. This dress was been a collection of Diahgilev in 1986, inspired by Leon Bakst costume design for the Russian ballet dancer.

The beauty of the dress looks from the sequin material combined with gold detail, crystals, and pearls. The color combination of white and gold raises its own elegance. The wearer actually looks like a princess.

The dress was only ever used three times by Diana.
First, while attended a dinner at the German Embassy in London in July 1986. In the same month, she re- used it when watching a ballet performance at the Royal Opera House. Finally, when she attended the premiere of the James Bond movie, The Living Daylights in June 1987.

Citing from Telegraph’s page, the dress is expected to fetch between £ 50 thousand to £ 80 thousand. Not yet clear what the purpose of the dress auction.
Previously, there have been other dresses Diana owned a successful auction. Victor Edelstein dress evening 's design with blue velvet. The Prince had used it while dancing with John Travolta at the White House in 1985.
Some time ago, the dress was bought by a man from England as a gift for his wife. The final price for the evening dress is £ 240 thousand. It could be, the dress will be auctioned in December sold more than that price.

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